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The Huntsmen association

Members of the Huntsmen association are: František Dvořák senior, Pavel Dvořák, Lukáš Zajíček, Bohuslav Michut, Jaroslav Plocek, František Košík, Martin Košík a Jaroslav Pochop. The leader of the association is Mr Pavel Dvořák, the chairman is Mr František Dvořák senior.

      The activity of the association
   - Shooting of predatory animals ( foxes mostly )
   - Healing of ill animals
   - Breeding of wild animals
   - Keeping the status and a quality of animals
   - Destroy weak and ill animals
   - Every hunter has got his own teritory and he has to keep it safe from poachers. Every hunter must built a cretch in his teritory and feed animals in a winter.

      A new member
   If you want to become a hunter you should get throu a hunter class, pass an exam and then you will get a gun licence.

      The hunt ball
Once in a year the hunt ball takes place in Radnovice. It is a good oportunity for you to taste fantastic hunt dishis and win something special in a tombola (mayby a live animal..)

  Martin Košík at shooting Martin Košík with father Martin Košík

This sites made Monika Ohrazdová (2008) and translated into English Alena Ohrazdová (2008)