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Village Radňovice

A small village of Radnovice, is situated in a charming countryside of Highlands. The history of Radnovice goes far in the past. (see History). The number of well-known personalities were born here, for example Josef Veromir Pleva ( see Personalities). The Harusak hill (742m above the sea level) oversees the village and offers a lot of possibilities for various sport activities especially skiing. A well-known ski slope is located on the east side of the hill and just a bit further there is a World-famous ski and biathlon district named SKI ( see Surroundings ). Annually, different kinds of events such as “The race across the pond” take place in Radnovice. Some of them became a local tradition. (see Events). Why would you spend your time in crowded cities when you can relax almost in the middle of nature! Come over to visit our village whenever you are around!

Znak Radňovic
Location: The village of Radnovice is located between Nove Město na Morave and Zdar nad Sazavou. Thanks to its position the village has a very good bus and train connectivity to other larger cities such as Nove Mesto na Morave or Zdar nad Sazavou.

This sites made Monika Ohrazdová (2008) and translated into English Alena Ohrazdová (2008)