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Historie Radňovic

It is not known when and by whom the village was founded. In 1269 Smil from Lichtenburk presented Rednowiz (Radnovice) and Jursichoviz (Jirikovice) to Zdar’s monastery. Since 1269 the village remained as a part of monastical property and begun sharing its destiny. When a new rectory was established in Nove Mesto na Morave and Radnovice assigned to it the local pastor was demanding rectorial tithes from settlers. However, the monastery opposed it and won a lawsuit in Prague May 3rd 1397. We can picture the size of the village in 1407 from the registration in the monastery chronicle: 14 farmhouses; based on the name origin there were mostly Czech habitants, the colony was managed by an independent reeve. In 1465 the village had 360 inhabitants and up to 57 numbered houses. In 1667 the village was given a seal and its crest has a tree. In 1689 there was a reeve by name of Jan Stary, in 1703 Vilem Mikes, in 1766 Vavrin Miksu. In 1850 Radnovice were affiliated to Nove Mesto’s jurisdiction. Radnovice built a school in 1838 which was also attended by children from neighboring villages of Slavkovice a Jirikovice. In a spring of 1893 with the help of local inhabitants a cross piece was built in a front of the school garden. In a course of a new political organization in 1805 the village had 355 inhabitants and its first mayor was Josef Ptacek. In 1891 there were 380 inhabitants living in up to 63 numbered houses. In 1895 a road construction leading from Radnovice to Jirikovice had begun. A volunteer fire company was founded in May 13th 1900, a new railroad built between 1903 and 1995, and in 1912 electricity was introduced. During WWII the enemy was trying to famish the locals but they have found food substitutions – trifolium in a place of spinach, beet in a place of potato etc. “There was a lot of poverty however the enemy was unsuccessful in starving us to death”. In 1920 Josef Pleva who is the autor of famous book “Maly Bobes” (Little Bobes) moved back to Radnovice with his family. In the book he describes his adventures and ordeals during his childhood in Radnovice. From 1980 the village was a part of Nove Mesto na Morave, however in 1990 Radnovice became an independent village again.

    The school foundation:
Supposedly the teaching and reading classes had started in 1838 in different farmhouses. Only persons who were able to read and write could teach the others. In the same year the school was built and had been attended by inhabitants not only from Radnovice but from neighboring Jirikovice as well. In 1863 the school burned to the ground but with the help of Radnovice and Jirikovice they built a new one.

  The old TV signal receiver tower before burn-up Now
  The old ski jump Now
  The school and the village chapel in 1900 Now
  The playground in front of the school Now
  The Palecek´s family house Now
   Family houses - a view from the main road Now

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