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We have asked 11 people a question:

Do you mind the main road going across the village?

7 people say - Yes I do mind:
   Mr. Miloš Paleček
The road is right in the midle of the village and is not providing an easy survay for people.
   Mr. Oto Tesař
A slip-road would have been better.
   Mrs. Vlasta Dostálová
The road is dangerouse for children.
   Mrs. Sylva Klementová
Becouse of a bed smell I can’t open my windows. The noice is breaking TV and Radio signals.
   Mr. Jan Svoboda
I just don’t like it.
   Mr. Jaroslav Krčil
It is not good for pedestrians.
   Ms. Andrea Puškášová
Trucks going across the village are making noice.

4 people say - No I don’t mind:
   Ms. Nikola Filipi
There is a better bus conection in the village, but there could be more pedestrian crossing here.
   Mrs. Kamila Košíková
My house is far away from the main road. I couldn’t live close to noisy road.
   Mrs. Hana Trojanová
My house is not close to main road.
   Mrs. Marie Trojanová
I don’t care Idon’t live close to road.

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