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VIn wednesday February 20th 2008 the Europe championship in biathlon have offically begun. Also Canada, Greenland and Australia reprezentatives were taking part in the compatition together with Czech and Europe skiers.
The compatition had run from February 20th to 24th in 4 categories men, men - junior, women a women - junior.
     The score of the last run on 24th February :

               1st place:      Russian
               2nd place:      Norway
               3rd place:      Czech republic
      Men junior
               1st place:      Russian
               2nd place:      Austria
               3rd place:      Ukraine
               1st place:      Ukraine
               2nd place:      German
               3rd place:      Norway
      Women junior
               1st place:      Russian
               2nd place:      Czech republic
               3rd place:      Romania

This sites made Monika Ohrazdová (2008) and translated into English Alena Ohrazdová (2008)